Process Group
Clients are encouraged to share thoughts and emotions regarding their current mood and life situation, while receiving feedback and support from the facilitator and peers. Special attention is paid to group dynamics (what is going on in the room between peers) and how this relates to the clients in their lives, past and present, with friends, family members, and colleagues. Clients are able to work together to process their emotions and experiences both inside and outside the group dynamic.

Recovery Group
This group allows an opportunity for clients to explore issues relating to their addiction in a safe non-judgmental environment. Clients that are in recovery from compulsive substance abuse and/or alcoholism are able to work through their issues of addiction, while the facilitator and other clients provide guidance and support. The format of these session will reflect some of these principles of the 12 Step program

Trauma Group
This group provides support, education and guidance for those who have been through any type of trauma, either as a child, adult or throughout life. We discuss what trauma is and how it affects one’s view of the world, their relationships and sense of safety, while providing techniques for coping through times of crisis. It is through this understanding that healing and hope is possible.


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